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Published: 17th October 2011
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Getting an Internship takes you one step closer to your dream Job. You will become the outstanding individual that has what it takes. This is an opportunity for recent graduates to gain experience in a Job Market that every employee is asking for job experience. The practical experience that you gain from an Internship will surely help you land a Job suitable to your career path. Borch Leeman is the perfect place to find the perfect Australian Internship for you.

An Internship in Australia will teach you many things. The most important is the exposure to the real competitive world. You will gain new skill sets in your chosen field. Internship gives you a better picture of the corporate world. This will give you the confidence, which comes generally to a fully prepared job-seeker. A better understanding and experience of work ethics will be a cutting edge advantage for you. Nowadays, Internships are acknowledged globally and is a sought after initiative for students/job-seekers. It is also helpful for those who are looking for a change in careers and wish to have experience in a new field.

Borch Leeman, a respected and experienced global career service provider offers Internships to candidates throughout Australia. Pauline Borch, Director of Borch Leeman pty Ltd, has ten years experience in providing and helping international students to step in to their careers. Under her guidance, Borch Leeman places you in a reputed company to provide you life skills that can be taught only in a workplace environment and takes you closer to your Dream Job.

Backed by industrial experts, we aim to expose our Interns to technical and business skills needed in the workplace through our Internship Programs. These skills along with personality account for getting a rewarding job. It will also help improve any language barriers.

At the end of our Internship Program, you will have the cutting edge skill sets, motivation and confidence for a successful career. The Internship will provide you the required skill set with invaluable experience to boost your confidence, work ethics, and communication skills only to land a job in your chosen field.

Alice, one of the many students, quoted as, "It was a wonderful experience and surprisingly I did not know how much I am worth of. I learned a lot. I feel more special and more confident. You give me a rare chance to prove ourselves."

Borch Leeman, having a large list of contacts with respected Host Companies, will ensure you the best placement for an Internship in Australia. Throughout the years, we have been placing and helping local and International Students from Korea, Japan, UAE, Europe, South America and many other countries and we look forward to catering our services to you.

Borch Leeman is a Global Career Services provider for International and local graduates with Jobs and Internship in Australia for more information please visit our Internship in Australia Website.

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